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ProKashi is a small family based business intent on educating, enabling, and providing quality products to our customers. Through the use of ProKashi´s Bokashi Bran one can reduce their environmental impact by recycling their organic kitchen wastes and reuse them to improve their soils, garden, and home grown foods.


Unlike conventional composting (which can take up to a year, requires turning, large bins, is unable to accept meats, dairy, fat products, and looses a large quantity of nutrients through improper pile construction and management), ProKashi's Bokashi Bran processes all home generated organic wastes through an anaerobic fermentation process that is cleaner, safer, higher in bioavailable nutrients to the plants, creates a more robust/bioactive/disease supressive soil, and all in a fraction of the time - all year long


Pro-Kashi Bokashi  Wheat Bran 650 gram weight
Pro-Kashi Bokashi Wheat Bran 650 gram weight
Bokashi Bucket
4 Gallon ProKashi Bucket